10 Tips For Hiring Quality Movers In Australia

Every year a large pool of people enters Australia or moves from one place to another within the country for different reasons. Where moving places sound adventurous to the mind, at the same time, it is a very taxing and tardy task if a right mover has not taken on board.  

There are many mover scammers and companies with shoddy practices exist in Australia. Therefore, finding the quality movers Williamstown to help you with the process would require you to invest yourself in the research process.  

General guidelines to help Australians finding a quality house mover are as follows: 

Search Online/ Ask For Referrals 

Prepare a list of goods moving companies in Australia by searching online and also by asking your friends or relatives for referrals. A good moving company should have professional methods, procedures, processes and people to do the job.  

Inventory Track 

A goods moving company keeps track of all the stuff being moved from one place to another carefully. They usually label the items and prepare a list for themselves and for the client for cross-checking purposes.  

Professional Mover Ask The Right Questions 

A quality mover asks specific and relevant questions from the client. They know that moving stuff requires classification of it in terms of which stuff has to be moved? Which one would be donated?  Which one would be discarded? And, which one would be placed on a home-leaving-garage-sale? This helps them in making arrangements accordingly.  

Pay When Required 

Generally, good Australians movers do not go hastily about the payments. They demand it on getting the job done or would ask for very minimal percentage before the task. Never pay 100% in advance to your house-movers else you would have no control over them or might also not be able to see your stuff again. Also, make payment from credit card to help protect you in case of any fraudulent activity.  

Legal Company 

Another important tip is to take those moving companies aboard who are registered with the government and have the license for operations. Accreditation or certification of services being offered by the company or being performed by its employees is also great if found. One such mover in Australia is Removalist on the Run whose staff is well-trained by undertaking accredited courses on OH&S, handling practices and work cover making them a good and a trustworthy to hire.

Shortlist 3 Moving Companies AT LEAST 

It is important that you should shortlist at least 3 companies to choose from in Australia. Read their testimonials, ask for references from clients, check out the range of their services, get price quotes and read customer reviews. Then do the comparisons. 

Professional Packing Helps 

If you have valuables in your stuff then it is best to get professional packing services instead of doing the packing job yourself to save money. Professional packers may charge a bit higher but provide optimal services, labour and time. Few movers are packers as well and hence, also take the responsibility of stuff from packing phase to the moving phase. 

Avoid Extra Charges 

You need to ask yourself if you are moving to and from the ground floor or 10th floor, if the house has a single story or double story, if the vehicle could be parked outside the house or not, if stairs or elevators would be required or not, to name a few. All these questions would lead up to surcharges and therefore, it is important that you negotiate these with the moving company beforehand.

Get Everything In Writing 

Never sign a blank contract with a mover in Australia, in fact, get everything properly elaborated and in writing. Mover’s estimated price, as well as surcharges list, should also be mentioned in the contract along with the time and date of pickup and delivery. 

Report & Claim Process 

It is important to be aware of the reporting and claim process if your delivered stuff is tempered or broken or impaired. There is usually a certain number of months given to claim damaged belongings from the mover. You should know what that slab of duration is in Australia, to use it when required. 

Liabilities & Insurance 

Movers in Australia generally take the responsibility of goods being transported and also, assume the liability in case of any damages. However, there are 2 levels of liabilities: Full Value Protection – mover takes the complete responsibility if goods get damaged while in custody. They can then either restore it to its actual condition or have to replace it with a similar item or will have to pay for it. Second is Alternative Level of Liability – The most economical option where minimal per amount to weight (pound or kg) of the broken item is paid to the client.

Before signing up with any mover in Australia, it is important to go through the aforementioned tips to choose better. There are all kinds of movers available but finding quality over quantity is the key. Removalist on the Run is one such provider with a range of its quality services that can help you in moving conveniently as well as professionally.