Get your workout in while playing basketballs with your mates!

  • Ashley Bromley
  • 24/11/2020
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Sports is one of the best ways to keep fit. If you find yourself playing sports often, chances are you have a healthy heart and a healthy body to go along with it. If you are playing physical sports which involve a fair amount of running, chances are you have some pretty strong calves and a healthy heart. The cardio which you get from running is unmatched. Not only does it tone your calves in the process, running cardio is known to be one of the most calorie killing forms of cardio in general. 

Depending on what sport you play, you can get a fairly good cardio workout in if you pace yourself well. Basketball is one of the best cardio sports you can play. Have you ever seen a basketball player with even an average level of fat? No, the majority are fairly toned and are reasonably muscular. If you are looking to keep yourself fit, consider playing basketball with a bunch of mates. An hour a day a few times a week can do wonders for your health and can help you cut down on some unwanted fat.  
If you are looking for some of the best basket balls which money can buy, consider checking out Spalding and the range which they have in store. Spalding has traditionally been known as one of the best companies in the world. Since 1983, they became the official basketballs of the NBA and have been ever since. 

Why basketball. 

Simply put, basketball ensures that you are both physically and mentally present in the game at all times. You need to be aware of your surrounding players, dripping time and when to take the shots. A certain degree of strategy is involved, as is true with the majority of other sports. The best think about basketballs is the fact that you don’t have to run long distances, rather short bursts of energy are required, which is scientifically proven to burn calories whilst maintaining muscle mass. Consider basketball if you are looking to play a game which keeps you in shape and is fun. For us Australians, the balls isn’t the easiest thing to get used to, it can be a bit too hard at times. But, hey, you always have a ball inflation needle to let out some of the air.  

Varying air levels during practice 

If you are looking to play the game the way the pros do, consider checking out how much air pressure they fill into the balls. You are going to need a ball inflation needle to fill and deflate a ball as you see fit. If you are new to the game and want to practice with a ball that is not as hard as the ones which the pros use, grab your ball inflation needle and let out some air! Playing in comfort is key when you are learning how to play the game! 

Know where the sweet spot lies 

You need to find a comfort zone in terms of ball pressure, some people like a softer ball while others like it to be hard in order to get a better bounce out of it. Consider investing in a ball pressure gauge in order to judge just where that sweet spot is and how to fill it to that point. Having a ball pressure gauge on hand when you are playing can make for a much more fun game as well as help you find your own personal sweet spot with the ball.  


Head on over to their website to gauge what they are all about. You can learn a thing or two about their balls as well as the ad on accessories which they have such as the ball pressure gauge and ball inflation needle. It would be great if you check out what they had in store and make a decision accordingly. If you are new to the game, consider checking out some of the training balls which they have before you buy a real game ball. Have a bunch of friends pitch in and enjoy the time together playing sports, you won’t regret it!